Savannah McKinley

T R A V E L E R  //  Y O G I  //  C O N T E N T  C R E A T O R
L O C A T I O N :  D A L L A S ,  T X
G L A S S E S  O F  C H O I C E :  G O L D E N
B I O : 
Hey I'm Savannah but to most, Sav! I'm a 24 year old Nashville Native currently living in Dallas, Texas where I work a 9-5, am training to become a yoga teacher, model, content create and last but not least, travel the globe. My heartbeat is to love and encourage those around me and spread as much joy and hope to the world I've been given to serve and love. I began focusing @savmckinley on Social Media Influencing in the industries of Lifestyle, Yoga, and Fashion over the past few months and have already become lucky enough to work with so many individuals and brands that are making a difference in our world- a favorite being Blue Planet Eyewear. I am so excited to be partnering with Blue Planet Eyewear as they have beautifully combined all the things I love: eco-friendly products, giving back to so many in need and trendy fashion for consumers- all in one purchase! 
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