General Care

General Care Instructions 

  • Clean your Blue Planet glasses before putting them away. Always rinse your glasses with tap water after taking a dip in the pool or in the ocean. 
  • Periodically wipe away sweat, oil and other residue that may transfer onto the frame to keep your glasses looking great.
  • Avoid storing your Blue Planet glasses in extreme conditions or storing them in your vehicle for extended periods of time. 



  • Allow salt water and chlorine to sit on our lenses for too long without rinsing or cleaning them. Salt water and chlorine can eat away at the lens coating.
  • Expose your Blue Planet glasses to extreme heat, strong detergents or other chemicals.
  • Use glass cleaners - they may damage the lens coating.
  • Use paper products or abrasive materials on the lenses.
  • Place your Blue Planet glasses face down.
  • Store your Blue Planet glasses with sharp or blunt objects that may damage the lens or frame.