Nizie Lokman

F R E E L A N C E  S T O R Y T E L L E R  +  T R A V E L  W R I T E R
L O C A T I O N :  K U A L A  L U M P U R ,  M A L A Y S I A
G L A S S E S  O F  C H O I C E :  R Y L I
B I O : 
Hey, I'm Nizie. I left the corporate world to explore new worlds of communities related to sustainable development and humanity. Together with my little family as a community, we have traveled to 17 countries, 31 cities across 4 continents. Along the way, I found Blue Planet Eco Eyewear that connects with my beliefs on sustainability. While on my travels, I can't seem to part with my Ryli shades that journeyed with me in all 4 seasons. Not only it is stylish, but it also has prominent significance to our planet. Its frame is made from recycled and reprocessed content. I love the natural bamboo temples too. I am a proud ambassador to support the visualize change movement that will provide corrective glasses for the people in need. Let's come together & do your part for a great good.
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