Luis Gonzales

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My name is Luis Gonzalez but you can call me Tony! (It’s my middle name; Dad and I share the same name)
I'm 24 years old, born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, have several vacation homes around Phoenix (I consider myself an entrepreneur) and have the amazing opportunity to work for the Four Seasons Resort.
Working at the Four Seasons has been a true blessing due to them allowing me to explore and travel to new places and see how beautiful our planet is! Did I forget to mention that I LOVE to travel?
I actually discovered Blue Planet Eyewear at the Four Seasons because I needed new sunglasses (weird/fun fact: I buy a new pair every time I travel somewhere new as a souvenir) and fell in love with their mission.
I love helping people in need so naturally Blue Planet Eyewear was something that spoke to me and made me want to become a Brand Ambassador so I could help people as well as spread awareness on this wonderful company. I love being able to represent a company that has the same values as I do!
Oh! And the sunglasses are super stylish and comfortable too!
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