Kasey Willis

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L O C A T I O N :  B A Y T O W N , T X
G L A S S E S  O F  C H O I C E :  A N N I C A
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Hi! My name is Kasey! I’m a single mom, hairstylist and an abolitionist. I am passionate about clean beauty, traveling, repurposed things, trying to keep plants alive, cooking and healthy eating and enjoying all the small things in life. 
I found Blue Planet Eyewear in the journey to switch over every product that I use, one item at a time, to items that fight slavery, better humanity and better our planet. The bonus is that I have found better alternatives like Blue Planet Eyewear that I love even more than the toxic items that I used to sport. It is so tough to choose my favorite pair of glasses from Blue Planet but I would have to say that my Annica’s are my favorite since I repurchased these after losing them. They just feel like home. Just comfortable and classic. They make me feel like me.  But I probably own more pairs than I would like to admit and I love them all. It’s awesome to be able to purchase something that you feel great about buying and wearing! 
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