Crystal Telford

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My name is Crystal Telford. I am from a small town called Sinton in South Texas. I am currently a stay at home mom with 3 kids (5yo girl, 4yo girl and 3 month old son). I was looking online for a job i could do online from home. I was on instagram and came across an ad that said brand ambassadors wanted. I decided to look into it and loved everything about Blue Planet. I read the bio about the company and watched the videos. I was amazed at all that Blue Planet does and i wanted to be apart of it. So, Here i am. My first pair of Blue Planet Eye wear i chose was the Shaye Collection - NEW! - Jelly Purple / Gradient Smoke Polarized sunglasses. I absolutely love them. Ive already started spreading the word on FB and some on twitter, and IG. I was just waiting for my new shades to come in. Took so long, because i recently set up a P.O box and all my mail was being thrown around a bit so took longer than expected, but i have them now. I love them. Thanks for being an awesome company and i can't wait to do more as an ambassador.

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