Anne Nevel


P R O F E S S I O N A L  E D U C A T O R

L O C A T I O N :  W A S H I N G T O N ,  D . C .

G L A S S E S  O F  C H O I C E :  M A D I S O N  R E A D E R  &  B E T T I E

B I O : 

My name is Anne Nevel.  I'm originally from Florida, but now live in the Washington, DC Metro area.  I graduated from Florida State University and am a HUGE fan of all FSU sports... especially football!  I'm 47, married, and have two stepdaughters - 17 and almost 22.  My husband is from the Pittsburgh area, so my sports love extends to all things Pittsburgh as well, especially the Penguins and Steelers.  For work, I provide professional education through conferences and online activities.  For fun, I'm pretty active, enjoy staying fit and I LOVE being outdoors!
I first learned about Blue Planet on a work trip... at the airport!  I have been fighting getting older (I refuse to get old!) and the need to get readers... but when I saw the super cute Blue Planet readers in an airport store, I thought, "This is it! These are the glasses I've been waiting for!"  The store didn't have the ones I wanted (out front) and I was in a hurry to make my next flight, so I went online and ordered them in the couple minutes I had before boarding!  Once I saw the website, I really knew I had to have them... and knew I would want to continue to support the company! 


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