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All sunglasses

If you’re looking for sun glasses that combine the best of eye protection with a bold and distinctive style, then look no further. At Blue Planet Eyewear we offer a wide range of polarized sun glassesthat don’t just look great, they’re environmentally friendly too. All our frames are made from repurposed plastics and metals, and temples on our sun glassesare either recycled plastic, or formed from natural bamboo or wood.

Featuring optical-quality tinted lenses with UVA and UVB protection as well as polarizing filters for glare reduction, our sun glasses are suitable for multiple uses, including as sports sun glasses, biking sunglasses or as golf eyewear. All styles in our sun glasses collection are packaged in our signature Blue Planet Eyewear glasses case.

Whatever your face shape and preferred style, whether for work, play or exercise, we’re confident that you’ll find polarized sun glasses in our collection to suit you. From classic aviator-style shades such as our James and Wright sun glasses, to distinctive, fun and modern styles such as Tova and Taylor, there is a style for everyone. Many of our sun glassesalso feature a choice of lens color tints.

At Blue Planet Eyewear we believe in giving something back to the world, and that’s why we launched our revolutionary Visualize Change program. In partnership with global humanitarian organizations such as SEE International, Direct Relief, Feed the Children and the Best Day Foundation, we give the gift of sight to those in need.

How does the Visualize Change scheme work? Quite simply, for every pair of glasses or sun glassesthat we sell, we donate a second pair to adults and children in the US and across the world. In our quest to make a difference, we have so far given over half a million pairs of glasses to men, women and children who are struggling with vision impairment.