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Why Retro Reading Glasses Are Back in Fashion

May 24, 2018

Why Retro Reading Glasses Are Back in Fashion

While they’re primarily designed to improve your eyesight, glasses have always been about making a fashion statement. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs, shapes and sizes to choose from both instore and online. And everyone has their personal preference.

Vintage designs have always played a big part in eyewear styles, and the recent resurgence of retro round reading glasses is no different. It seems the more we head into a technologically driven world, the more we want to hang onto something from the past.

While some might associate round glasses with a character like Harry Potter, the truth is that many stars and celebrities are likely to be seen wearing them. Which is one of the key reasons they remain a popular choice.

The good news is that reading eyeglasses can be chic and stylish as well as functional. Most people want a mix of both. Often, it’s not about looking to the past when designs make a comeback; it’s about reimagining a much-loved style for the present day.

There are a number of celebrities who have been spotted wearing round reading glasses recently, including Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber. Of course, Elton John was wearing them back in the Seventies, and John Lennon made them iconic. Today, everyone from Samuel L Jackson to Ashley Olsen can be seen sporting a pair.

Looking Cool and Clever

If you want reading glasses that have versatility and style, the retro round frame should be on your list. These readers are associated with intellectual coolness, which may or may not be true for many of the celebrities that wear them.

But that doesn’t really matter if you want to look a cut above the rest. There is a contemporary element of the design which appeals to a wide range of people, both men and women.

Choosing the Right Frame

Despite having that central round frame, there are many designs and materials to choose from if you are opting for retro readers. The key is understated elegance. It’s about subtle style rather than outright opulence.

One of the most stylish reading glasses on the market at the moment is the Rowyn Reader, Blue Planet Eyewear’s unique take on this iconic shape and design. We’ve added an eco-friendly element to the shape and form of these exceptional reading eyeglasses. The tortoise frames are eye-catching and perfectly retro, but they also come with eco-friendly bamboo temples that look stunningly simple and yet modern.

Brands like the Rowyn Reader are suitable for both men and women and have a timeless element that makes them great for almost any occasion. Whether you’re out on the beach, chatting with friends at a local bar or sitting down to a business meeting at work, they are the perfect reading glasses to make a statement in today’s low carbon world.

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