What to know about readers?

Thanks for clicking :) If small text or images that were once clear are now blurry, you are in the right place. Whether you are new to readers or have used them for years, there are definitely a few things you should know. 

What do readers do?

Reading glasses use a magnifying lens to help you see small text or images clearly within a range of approximately 14-18 inches away from your face.

What does diopter mean?

The “diopter”, also known as the strength or power, tells you how strong the readers are. Our reader diopters range from 1.25 – 3.00.

How can I figure out what diopter I need?

The best way is always to go to your optometrist, they can advise exactly what strength you need. Otherwise take our vision test and that will give you a good idea of what power you need. 

Should I just go for the strongest power?

No, no and no! When wearing reading glasses, you want the lowest possible power that you need to see clearly.

Does Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear have readers?

Glad you asked! Yes, we do. We offer a variety of unique and functional eco-friendly reading glasses. You can check out our readers here.

Like to read outside?

Then you need to try our Sun-Tinted Bifocal reader! This is perfect for those looking for that dual functionality of a sunglass and a reader.

What does a Blue Light Filter do?

A Blue Light Filter Reader helps reduce blue light rays emitted from digital devices. This helps relieve eye strain and fatigue, that could cause headaches and migraines. For more in depth information you can check out our Blue Light Blog post.

Here are some of our loyal customers showing off their favorite eco-friendly reader frames.

Lucia Bamboo Readers

Wood Readers

Eco-Freindly Blue Light Reader frames

Madison Readers

Berkeley Bamboo Readers

Ojai Reading Frames

I hope this blog has educated you a bit more on your reading glass journey. If you have any questions feel free to email us at hello@blueplaneteyewear.com and follow us on social media @blueplanetecoeyewear.


Blue Planet Tip! Subscribe to our Reader Club or Blue Light Club and get your glasses at a discounted price + save $10 off your 1st order. Use Code – CLUB10 at checkout. You can cancel, pause or skip at any time.

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