Things to Do This Summer in Coastal California

Summer is just around the corner and so many of us are already looking forward to it. With last year’s lockdown, most of us missed out on all of our summer fun. Now, we are ready for some time outside and responsible summer festivities. To welcome summer this year, it is time to get out there, get our bodies moving, and stay safe while we do it. Read on to learn how to reclaim your summer in style!

Head to the Beach

The beaches of California are renowned for their beauty, and they are ready to welcome you. This summer, put on that bathing suit that you brought last year and head out for some sun, some waves, and a little extra fun! You will not believe what a rush this simple source of fun can bring.


The beach is a versatile hangout spot that can help us to remember what life was like before everything changed. Whether you head out to get tan on the sand with friends, head out on a paddle board, or you just want to grab your snorkel and go swim with the fishes, you can get the absolute most out of your summer at any of California’s scenic beaches.

Have Brunch With Friends

Brunch is officially back on. With so many people getting their vaccines, it is officially safe to enjoy a bit of brunch with friends. While you might not be too interested in going to a crowded restaurant just yet, you can bring brunch to you! Turn your balcony or backyard into a beautiful brunch spot and make food with your friends. It’s the best place to enjoy bottomless mimosas!

Go Hiking

California has so many beautiful trails that explore the various natural lands. After a year of being cooped up inside, we need to head back out and get the most out of the fresh air and sunlight—and we need to get moving too! A hike is the perfect way to get a great amount of exercise and take in all that fresh air at the same time. You might just find that it hits a little different this year.

Workout With The Sun

We all just spent our time working inside, hanging out inside, and working out inside. This summer, embrace the beauty that nature can offer by working out outside instead. Whether you head into your backyard for a HIIT class with an app, or you choose to do yoga at your local park, this is a great way to get outside and get the most out of your summer.


Before you can enjoy your time outside soaking up all that sun, you will need the right tools to do so. Any time that you walk outside, make sure that you stay safe with our Polarized Blue Planet Sunglasses that have been designed to reflect sunlight and keep your eyes healthy. They are perfect whether you are out on the water, lounging at the park, or sitting outside of your favorite brunch spot. Keep your eyes safe and healthy by safeguarding against those pesky UV rays!

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