The Eco-Friendly Sunglasses You Can’t Do Without for the Festival Season

Living greener lives is a key for many people today. We want eco-friendly ways to interact with the world around us and we most definitely want to help to save the planet.

For some, that can mean changing to renewable heating. For others it could be swapping that gas guzzling car for an electric one. It may be something as simple as getting involved with a local ecological group to reduce waste and protect wildlife.

The trouble is that most of us also want to do our green thing without giving away our personal style or the chance to make a fashion statement. We want to have nice looking clothes and accessories, without causing any damage to the environment. The good news is that this is all possible in todays, greener shopping environment.

With festival season upon us, the most sought-after accessory is the perfect pair of sunglasses, made of recycled and sustainable materials. Now you can look chic and shaded while still staying green.

If you’re looking for an online store that delivers on fashion and ecology, look no further than Blue Planet Eyewear. We’re a US company that is making a big splash in the world of sunglasses and readers.

All of our products are designed with the planet in mind. Key to our success is finding new and exciting ways to deliver stylish products to our customers while staying green.

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about how plastics are beginning to destroy the planet. While much of the focus has been on single use plastics like water bottles and food packaging, which are clogging up the oceans and killing wildlife, many people will be surprised to hear that many major brands of sunglasses are largely made of this material as well. That’s because the latest hi-tech plastics are quite durable and are difficult to break.

At Blue Planet Eyewear we only use recycled plastic in our sunglasses. Take our new CAM sunglasses, for example. If you’re thinking of heading to a concert or two during the festival season, these are absolutely perfect for helping you stand out from the crowd. Not only do they look distinctive but the temples are made from natural bamboo, one of the greenest materials on the planet.

The other thing you might like to know is this: For every pair of readers or sunglasses our customers buy, we’ll donate a pair of reader glasses to our Visualize Change Program. To date we’ve donated over half a million pairs of glasses to those who need them in deprived parts of the world.

If you want to look like an A-list celebrity when you head out to see your favorite band this summer, make sure you have a pair of stunning, eco-friendly sunglasses with you during festival season.

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