Red, White, And Blue Planet Eyewear

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This Monday is the 4th of July, and we are always excited to BBQ with friends and family, and take time to remember how truly lucky we are to live freely because of the sacrifices of so many. 

Today we have the amazing pleasure to re-introduce (or introduce, if you are just joining us) you to three of our favorite giveback brands.  Blue Planet Eyewear, Half United, and Live FashionABLE.

Blue Planet Eyewear is a sustainable eyewear brand that donates reading glasses and sunglasses to charities around the world for people in need.


Live FashionABLE is a purse/scarves/home goods brand that employs women who have overcome hardships in locations of extreme poverty and empower them to find hope.

Half United is dedicated to end the fight against hunger.  For every purchase made, 7 meals are provided for a child in need.

Three amazing companies started by amazing people here in the USA, because we were given the freedom and ability to help others.  Shouldn’t we all take advantage of that?

Sunnies: Blue Planet Eyewear {Use code: LLLOVE20 for 20% off at check out!} // Purse: Live FashionABLE // Gold Cuff: Half United {Use code: LLLOVE25 for 25% off at check out!} // Skirt: ASOS // Heels: ASOS

Happy 4th of July Weekend!



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