RAOK - National Trails Day

The Blue Planet Crew is at it again! We invite you to enjoy our June Random Acts of Kindness video. There are parts of Santa Barbara county that are still greatly affected by the Thomas Fire & the devastating mudslides. The cold Springs Trail was pummeled by huge boulders during the mudslides making it not safe for countless people to enjoy. The SB Parks & Recreation crew have been working on rebuilding and making the trail safe for families of all ages to enjoy. With the nutrient rich soil and tremendous amounts of rainfall we had this year, the vegetation grew rapidly and blocked the walking path. We were so happy to partner with SB Parks & Recreation and the Montecito Trails Foundation to help clear the walking path of excess plants, rocks and other debris. On National Trails Day together we were able to clear approximately three quarters of a mile of the path. This is an ongoing mission that won't be fixed in a day, but thanks to so many amazing volunteers and community partners eventually the Cold Springs Trail will come back even stronger.

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