Lowering our carbon footprint!

Since our inception Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear has been on a mission to leave the planet better than how we found it. Using our trademarked Eco-Process ™ method we can reuse up to 75% of the excess production byproducts of plastic and metals pieces that would normally be thrown away.

What does that mean for the planet? It means that every pair of our eco-friendly sunglasses or reading glasses is keeping plastic and metal waste out of a landfill or out of our oceans.

Using natural materials!  Our planet is beautiful, and we love admiring its natural look. That is why we source natural bamboo and wood for our eco-eyewear. If you have not seen them yet be sure to check out our wood sunglasses and our NEW wood reading glasses.

Eco-packaging 😊 All our products ship in a fully recyclable poly bag and 100% biodegradable packing cushion to protect your sunglasses or reading glasses.

Cleaning up! The Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear team tries to go above and beyond, organizing beach clean ups and tree plantings in our local area via our Random Act’s of Kindness Program.

We strive to incorporate more ways to GO GREEN and help keep this amazing planet beautiful.


Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

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