January RAOK - New Choices Inc - Family Abuse Shelter

New Choices Inc. is a Family Abuse Shelter in rural Ohio. They are a non-profit organization that has been providing services to families in their community for over 30 years. Their services include; Protection orders, 24 hour Crisis Hotline, Safety Planning, Child Advocacy and Shelter Intake. 

New Choices mission is to provide emergency shelter, crisis intervention, education, and advocacy for adults and children who are victims of domestic violence; to assist victims through the criminal justice process; to raise awareness in the community through education; and to provide assistance through personal education and training to help victims break the cycle of domestic violence and regain control of their lives.

Recently, they had a mother and her 2 sons enter the shelter. All of which had been abused both mentally and physically by the person that they should have been able to trust the most...Dad/Father. After only a few sessions with the Child Advocate one of the boys, through his tears, expressed how grateful he was to be in shelter and that he never wanted to leave because of the feeling of safety he had since he had come to “live” at New Choices. 

Blue Planet Eyewear donated over $1,000 worth of product to be auctioned off at New Choices Inc Fundraising event in April.  

To learn more about New Choices Inc please go to their website at https://newchoicesinc.org/

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