Help Support The Australian Bushfire Emergency

January 23, 2020

Help Support The Australian Bushfire Emergency

For the rest of January Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear will donate a percentage of its net sales to help aid the Australia Bushfire emergency. 

If you wish to donate directly please go to

Right now, Australia is burning. The nation is being ravaged by the most devastating bushfire season the country has ever seen.

So far, more than 10.7 million hectares of Australian land have been burned. At least 29 people have died and over 2,000 homes lost. WWF is greatly saddened by the loss of life and homes, as well as all the injuries, pain and suffering caused by the bushfires.

NSW has declared a state of emergency and Victoria a state of disaster, and major fires are raging in South Australia and Western Australia.

And while trees burn, our wildlife also suffers.

It’s been estimated that around 1.25 billion animals have been killed across Australia to date. This includes thousands of koalas and other iconic species such as kangaroos, wallabies, kookaburras, cockatoos and honeyeaters burnt alive, and many thousands more injured and homeless.

The catastrophic megafires sweeping our country are greatly exacerbating the species extinction crisis we’re already facing. Yet this is just the beginning. That's why WWF-Australia has called for immediate global support to establish a AUD$30 million Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund.

Only when the fires clear will we see the full extent of the damage. Whilst we may not have the full picture yet, we already know the WWF Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund will deliver:

 Wildlife response - including partnering with wildlife response organisations, communities and scientists nationally for a swift and effective response and recovery at scale.
 Habitat restoration for people and nature - including restoring forests and damaged wildlife habitat, stopping deforestation, including cultivating habitat connectivity, core habitat and Indigenous and rural fire management.
 Future-proofing Australia - including driving innovative solutions to help mitigate climate change, driving climate preparedness, species adaptation and long-term wildlife and nature conservation efforts towards securing Australia’s natural resources for people and nature.

You can help WWF-Australia deploy emergency funds to care for our injured wildlife and when the fires clear, help restore the forest homes our koalas, kangaroos and other animals have lost.

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