Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week + Throwback Thursday

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, love, and service. Thanksgiving 2017 was all of that and more for the Blue Planet Eyewear family. We were thankful to join our Giving Partner, Direct Relief at their packing event to benefit those affected by Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria churned a devastating path through the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. As the crisis unfolded, Direct Relief responded to those in need, focusing their relief efforts on the health facilities that serve people reliant on the healthcare safety net for essential services.

Cash grants from Direct Relief’s hurricane community health fund supported clinics, allowing them to use the money for costs not otherwise covered by federal funds or insurance while staff worked to bring the clinics back to full strength.

Since Hurricane Maria made landfall, Direct Relief has provided over $60 million worth of material assistance to more than fifty nonprofit health centers, public health facilities, hospitals, emergency medical teams, and local nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico. The organization has also granted $1.48 million in funding for solar projects, equipment procurement, vaccination campaigns, and emergency operations funding. In addition, Direct Relief has allocated $5 million for direct financial assistance in the coming months and remains committed to providing ongoing support.

We at Blue Planet Eyewear are proud to partner with Direct Relief through our Visualize Change program, which donates one pair of glasses for every frame purchased, to provide support to men, women, and children around the world who are struggling with vision impairment.

Click here to learn more about our Visualize Change program.

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