Give dad the gift of sunglasses this Father's Day!

At Blue Planet Eyewear we believe that sunglasses and readers make a great gift for any occasion. They are a fun and stylish accessory and a great choice of gift for people who you know well; it’s a great opportunity to match the gift to the recipient’s look, personality and interests. With Father’s Day coming up, here are a selection of sunglasses from our exclusive range that we think would make an excellent gift for dad.

For the dad who’s cool

Whether your dad is young and trendy, a middle-aged charmer or a silver fox who’s still got it, we’ve got the Father’s Day gift to complement any cool dad. You can’t go wrong with our classic aviator-style James sunglasses with their light, slimline frame and distinctive top bar. These sunglasses are available in four equally cool variants: gunmetal frame with smoke lenses, matte black frame with blue mirrored lenses, bronze frame with brown lenses, and silver frame with grey-green lenses. That last one is a near match to the shades worn by Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun. And whether that sounds cool to you or not, if your dad was around in the mid-eighties, we’re pretty sure he’ll be able to set you straight on that point! 

For the dad who’s the life of the party

Some of us have dads who are quiet, reserved and don’t want to stand out from the crowd, but others have dads who are boisterous, outgoing, and the life and soul of the party. If your father is a fun-loving freak who likes to stand out, we have sunglasses that will make the perfect gift for dad. Our distinctive and quirky Calder sunglasses combine bold, stand-out frames with stylish natural bamboo temples. To really stand out check out the honey tortoise frames with blue-green mirrored lenses or, if you want something a little more restrained, go for the classic matte black frames with smoke lenses.

For the dad who’s a bit of a nerd

Whether your dad is a sci-fi nerd, a computer freak or just likes to rock the geek chic, our eye-catching Anchor sunglasses are just the ticket for Father’s Day. Our Anchor design combines a classic frame shape with bold mirrored lenses in a variety of distinctive color choices. If you’re looking for something with style but a bit more conservative, check out the soft black and turquoise frame with brown bamboo temples and green polarized lenses. Think your dad would prefer something that stands out a bit more? Then go for the soft black and yellow frame with gold mirrored lenses.

Whatever your dad’s personality and style, we’re confident that at Blue Planet Eyewear you will find a pair of sunglasses that will make an ideal gift for Father’s Day. Check

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