Eco-Friendly Sunglasses from Blue Planet Eyewear

Finding eco-friendly sunglasses isn’t always easy, especially if you want them to look fashionable and on trend. Luckily, this is where we come in. At Blue Planet Eyewear, we focus on creating eco-friendly sunglasses that impact the planet in a positive way, while also providing style. There’s no need to settle for anything less than perfect, as there’s a broad range of sunglasses to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an understated and classic pair or something a little bolder, you won’t be short on choice.

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

  • Sawyer - At Blue Planet Eyewear, we often focus on incorporating a more natural look into our sunglasses. Sawyer is a great example of how well this can work, while still remaining modern. By featuring natural bamboo temples, Sawyer sunglasses stand out as being something special. Plus, thanks to the polarized lenses, Sawyer sunglasses are a fantastic choice for those who like to spend time outdoors and surrounded by nature. 
  • Amador - Pilot style sunglasses have been popular for many years, but we’ve put a little bit of a spin on it. At Blue Planet Eyewear, we focus on keeping things eco-friendly and therefore we’ve combined the popular pilot style with a more natural look. This style of eco-friendly sunglasses looks great on everyone and the beech wood temples ensure comfort throughout the day.
  • Annica - If you’re looking to stand out with stylish sunglasses, consider the Annica eco-friendly sunglasses. With natural bamboo temples and high quality lenses, Annica sunglasses offer exactly what you’d expect from Blue Planet Eyewear. However, thanks to the uniquely colored frames, there’s no worry of blending in. Annica sunglasses are trendy and fashionable.

When it comes to finding eco-friendly sunglasses that are also stylish, there’s no need to look beyond Blue Planet Eyewear. With a broad range of styles and a fantastic collection, there’s something for everyone. To find out more about any of our eco-friendly sunglasses, get in touch. Contact Blue Planet Eyewear today.

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