Beyoncé's Favorite Sunglasses Style is Ideal for Spring

There comes a time when past fashion trends reappear. Whether we’re looking at clothing or accessories, good fashion trends always come around again. Simply put, this is because they’re classic and can be worn by anyone, at any time. This is the case with cat-eye sunglasses. Now that it’s spring, cat-eye sunglasses are definitely back.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses Are Back and Bigger than Ever

In the past the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were well known for returning to the cat-eye shape time and time again, but now it’s Beyoncé that’s really making a statement with the style.

Beyoncé is often seen sporting cat-eye shades and it’s no surprise, considering it’s a style that’s flattering on any face shape. Cat-eye sunglasses are also a great way to turn a casual and understated outfit into one that oozes style and elegance. As this style of sunglasses is well known for being a favorite among the stars, it brings with it class and sophistication.

Cat-Eye Shades are Great for Spring

This is what makes cat-eye shades ideal for spring. This time of year brings with it lighter colors and pastel shades, which can be hard to dress up. In fact, many spring outfits can appear too relaxed. However, adding a pair of cat-eye sunglasses is a quick and easy way to take an outfit from casual to formal.

At Blue Planet Eyewear, like Beyoncé, we’re also big fans of cat-eye sunglasses and this is why we made sure we incorporated some fantastic options into our range. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a pair, you can choose from a number of styles, from classic to eye-catching. Our favorites include Bettie, Starlyn, and Calico. To find out more about cat-eye sunglasses and the ideal pairs for spring, take a moment to browse the Blue Planet Eyewear collection. Alternatively, get in touch.

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