Brand Ambassador Interview- @kim.pitt

Kim Pittman Interview

  1. What you like about Blue Planet Eyewear?

I love that blue planet eyewear not only uses eco-friendly materials such as bamboo in their glasses but also that for each pair purchased the company gives a pair of glasses to someone who needs them.

  1. How do you live the #TheBluePlanetLife?

I live #TheBluePlanetLife by taking each day to experience & enjoy all of the amazing nature that surrounds me. I can hike up into the crater or go down & explore the beaches. Each day is filled with natural beauty that most people miss; & I don't want to miss it.

  1. What’s your passion?

My passion is children! I work as a full time nanny for families with infants & young toddlers. Kids love me and I love them!

  1. How do you #VisualizeChange?

I #VisualizeChange by working to clean the beaches on my island wherever I go as well as rescuing a few dogs who needed a loving home. They may be small steps, but they're steps towards change!

  1. What is a random fun fact about yourself?

I love to eat fruit all the time!

  1. What are your social networks so people can learn more about you?

Instagram : @kim.pitt

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