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I spend most all of my time in the sun, whether in semi-tropical Bermuda or in my notoriously sunny college town in Colorado.  I have come to accept that I am bound to have a permanent sunglasses tan all year long.  I don’t mind though since I love sunglasses and I think they are an essential for sunny days!


Blue Planet Eyewear is one of my favorite companies to buy sunglasses from.  They sell awesome sunglasses for both men and women at extremely affordable prices!  What’s even better is that all of their sunglasses are made out of environmentally friendly materials such as recycled polycarbonate, reclaimed metals, and sustainable bamboo/wood.  They are a company that not only creates products using eco-friendly materials, but also donates a pair of glasses to someone in need each time a pair is sold.  Through these efforts they have been able to donate over 150,000 glasses to people in need.  I love companies that strive to make a change in the world and Blue Planet Eyewear is definitely helping to make big changes in peoples’ lives!


Check out all of their awesome designs here: Blue Planet Eyewear

To get 20% off your order use code ALAIRE20 at checkout!

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