New BP Ambassador- Brian Harrington

Brian is a marketing consultant, actor, and producer from Studio City, CA. He was born in Colorado and raised in the Northwest and has driven the west coast from LA to Seattle and back again several times (All while wearing his Blue Planet Sunglasses, of course). He works in both the political and entertainment industry and has developed a reputation as a strong promoter and networker. He has been featured in Urban Beardsman magazine and a tourism commercial for Pendleton, OR.

 He likes to keep his monthly expenses low and enjoy experiences with others as he builds his own company and helps others grow their influence as well. You can probably find him drinking an IPA, on a long walk across town, or planning his next trip. And on one such day trip to San Diego is when he happened across his first pair of Blue Planet glasses on a stretch break in a small boutique.

 The coolness of the bamboo & wooden-sided glasses and the positive footprint left on others is what has drawn him to Blue Planet ever since.

 Please connect with Brian at: and @brainharrington on Twitter and Instagram

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