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Swimming with Sunnies

August 15, 2015

Swimming with Sunnies

By Karri Davis | August 15, 2015

The Agenda Show that took place last month in Long Beach had more to offer than just swimwear-- it had a stellar selection of sunglasses on display. Since the two often go hand-in hand, it only makes sense that we showcase our favorite brands from the show, along with their coolest shades.

It is pretty safe to assume that if you are wearing a bathing suit, you are going to be around water. Therefore, we want to feature the glasses that will protect your eyes from the sun's harsh rays, which can be extremely harmful as they reflect off of water, impairing your vision. Keeping this in mind, we have named the polarized lens as the perfect sidekick to your remaining sun-soaked summer days.

Some of our readers may be unaware of the distinction between regular lenses and polarized lenses. To clarify, polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks out harsh glares and intense light. While many tinted lenses absorb some of this brightness, only the polarized lens can eliminate a blinding glare or haze.

If you want a scientific explanation, light travels in waves moving in different directions. While vertical light is helpful to the human eye, horizontal light is what creates glare. Thus, polarizing lenses deflect the horizontal light while allowing the vertical component of light to come in.

Since polarizing lenses come in handy for any outdoor sport or activity, including sunbathing, we have handpicked some custom styles and frames from these designers, so that you won't have to compromise style for safety.

One brand, Sicky Eyewear, designs all of their sunnies straight out of Malibu, CA, but then has them handmade in Japan and Italy. They hope to "change the way you view the world," one pair at a time. We love their S14 design, as modeled by Carmella Rose, because they are made with shiny stainless steel silver and contain polarized grey lenses. While Sicky showed off many designs for the 2016 season, these are part of their current collection and are available for purchase now.

A second brand, Blue Planet Eyewear, is also inspired by their California roots and creates eco-friendly eyewear which incorporates natural materials into their designs, such as bamboo or wood. Their self-proclaimed goals are thus: "to help protect the planet, change lives and have fun." How could we ask for a better motto? After reviewing their collection, we love the polarized Roswell glasses, which are handcrafted with sustainable bamboo and feature a modern, classic shape with a rounded frame. Another pick is the Ojai polarized pair, which is characterized by a "free spirited oversized roundie frame." And my favorite thing about this company? Not only is it chic, but it is charitable. Every time you purchase a pair of Blue Planet Eyewear, they donate a pair to someone in need. Thus far they have given away over 75,000 pairs! Now, that's how you make your mark!

While we have shed light on these super cool sunnies, it is important to keep safety in mind no matter which brand of eyewear you choose. Remember: a polarized lens is always a smart and safe option to pair with your swimwear!

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