Grades of Green Youth Corps Student Reduces Lunchtime Waste

Gerard, an 8th grader in Grades of Green's Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program, has a passion for inspiring others to pack trash free lunches. He used Grades of Green's Trash Free Tuesdays Activity to help his school decrease lunchtime waste and inspire an entire student body to pack trash free. To encourage his peers to join Grades of Green's trash free movement, he hosted a booth at lunchtime where students could learn how to make reusable lunch pouches from fabric scraps. To motivate students to be trash free and sort their lunch properly, Gerard also opened a student store where green actions could be redeemed for fun prizes donated by local Long Beach municipalities and Grades of Green partners. The impact? Gerard's school reduced lunchtime waste significantly.  Grades of Green schools who implement the Trash Free TuesdaysActivity  see an average waste reduction of over 70%! 


Feeling inspired by Gerard to create change? Apply for this year's Youth Corps program here or register your school here TODAY to bring Trash Free Tuesdays to your school or implement any other of Grades of Green's 40+ activities to start reducing waste, electricity, water, toxins, or emissions and start inspiring your school community to change eco-habits today! 

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