On The Rise: Brandon Gee

As a brand that is comprised of activists, artists and people of many passions, we are always fascinated when meeting someone who shares a strong enthusiasm for their particular interest and lifestyle. We recently caught up with skateboarder Brandon Gee to ask him some questions about his history and what he’s been up to lately.

 What age did you start skateboarding and what inspired you to start doing so?

 I started skateboarding at the age of 14. I was inspired by Terry Kennedy and the "Ice Cream Skate Team" created by Pharrell Williams around that time. I played almost every sport up until that point and was tired of having coaches on my back. Skateboarding gave me the freedom to do what I love.

 Who are your biggest skateboarding influences?

My biggest Skateboarding influences are Terry Kennedy, Ishod Wair, Kevin Romar, Mark Suciu, Manny Santiago, and Paul Rodriguez.

 Tell us about the city you grew up in and how that had an impact on your lifestyle…

 Philadelphia is a crazy place. I was born and raised here and have pretty much seen it all. I'm fortunate enough to have good parents and was able to get into the best public schools but still saw a lot of crazy things. The city made me a tough person and made me able to deal with almost anything. I'm thankful for the good and the bad in Philadelphia because without it I wouldn't be who or where I am today


 What kind of brands do you currently endorse?

I endorse Blue Planet Eyewear, Adidas, Monster Energy, Diamond Supply Co. and GoPro. I also have my own brand called "Gee".

 What is your favorite skateboard brand and why?

My favorite brand is Adidas! They have the best shoes, clothes, and hats. Also they put out a lot of videos and sponsor trips around the world.

 Do you have a favorite or signature trick?

Well I don't really have a signature trick but I definitely like doing 360 flips. That is the most fun trick to me.

 When/Where is your next skateboarding event?

The next contest I'm skating is in NYC in July at LES, a skate park in New York. It is an Adidas Skate Copa Contest.

 How are you contributing to changing lives in your community?

I’m trying to help my community by promoting positive behavior and pushing kids to follow their dreams. In many inner-city areas there aren't a lot of opportunities but I want people to know it is very possible to be successful. It is harder but if you really put your mind to it you can make it.

 What is your advice to an up and coming skateboarder?

My advice to up and coming skateboarder is to stick with it and really go for what you want. It isn't going to be easy, don't expect hand-outs, you really have to go and get it.

 Lastly, please talk about how you came across Blue Planet Eyewear and what you enjoy about the products…

I came across Blue Planet Eyewear last year at the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach. I love their sun glasses. They are comfortable, durable, and look great. They block sun-light very well and are great for any occasion.


Follow Brandon’s Journey:

 Monster Army: http://www.monsterarmy.com/members/lilbg/

Twitter: @BrandonTGee

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/datbullbg

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