2021 New Year, New Looks In Eyewear

The year 2021 looks to be promising for many reasons. We’ll be kicking COVID-19 to the curb and starting the healing process before you know it. In fashion, this promises to be the year of throwbacks and vintage looks that are sure to soothe the soul. If you want to stay on trend this year and get some Insta-worth selfies in your new glasses, let’s chat about the styles that will be taking the new year by storm. 


#1. Eco-Friendly Sustainable Eyewear 


As younger millennials and generation z buyers become economic movers and shakers, you’re going to see a large shift towards environmentally friendly products. Eyewear made from recycled material, and from sustainable woods like bamboo, walnut wood, and zebrawood, will become quite popular.  Blue Planet’s Eco-process eyewear uses recycled materials to make durable lightweight frames that don’t do more harm than good. 


#2. Retro Round Eyeglasses 


Round wire-frame glasses actually first became popular in the 1920s but most people remember the iconic look of round sunglasses from the 70s. Round frames and colored lens were a popular look for the “flower children” of the day. Celebrities like John Lennon and Janis Joplin most notably wore them best and spurred on the trend.

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#3. XXL Sunnies


We’re going to do things big in 2021 and that includes our sunglasses. You’ll look extra mysterious in shades that are two or three sizes too big for your face. Large, thick frames certainly do make a great statement piece and they’ll look stunning when paired with the thick collared shirt which is also predicted to be trendy this year. 

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#4. Angular Cat Eye Frames Like A Femme Fatal 


Super popular in the 50s and 60s, the cat eye glasses were rounded but with a dramatic wing-like swoop at the temples. Famous cat eyeglasses lovers include Audrey Hepburn, Dame Edna, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Marilyn Monroe. 

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#5. Blue Light Glasses Needed More Now Than Ever Before


Blue light glasses or “blue blockers” have risen in popularity due to our increased screen time between smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Netflix binges. If your eyes feel tired after a long day where you stared at a screen a lot then blue light is probably the culprit. In addition to helping with eye-strain, many users report better sleeping habits as well after trying the glasses. Now that many people are working from home or even attending school from home, screen time has skyrocketed and so has the popularity of blue light glasses. 

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When all is said and done, fashion is actually at its peak when it makes you feel comfortable and confident. Try on as many styles as you want and find the right fit for your face shape and personal taste. Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear has something for everyone and our sales help fund environmental projects like planting trees and helping those at risk access critical eyewear. You won’t feel out of step with our frames in 2021 or any year after that.

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