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Happy Mother's Day

May 10, 2015

Blue Planet Eyewear’s T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U. to Mothers Across the Globe!

Today, Blue Planet Eyewear recognizes Mothers all across the globe who provide care, attention, and most importantly, love for their children. We would like to share our T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U.’s for what we are most grateful for about our Mothers.

T: Time. Thank you for dedicating your time to raise me to be the person who I am today.

H: Happiness. Thank you for making me feel happy, especially during times when I was feeling sad or upset.

A: Acceptance: Thank you for accepting me for who I am, and inspiring me to always be myself.

N: Nurturing: Thank you for nurturing me and providing me with a foundation on which I can continue to grow and develop.

K: Kindness: Thank you for being kind, even in times when I was inconsiderate or acted out.

Y: Youth: Thank you for encouraging me to always maintain my youthfulness, and enjoy every minute of it.

O: Optimistic: Thank you for always being optimistic and positive about life choices and supporting me in my passions.

U: Unconditional: Thank you for always loving me unconditionally, under any circumstance, no matter what.

Mom, I love you!

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