Top 5 Ways to Make a Healthier Earth

Top 5 Ways to Make a Healthier Earth


          As earth day 2015 approaches, we acknowledge our beautiful planet, where we are blessed to live and grow in our own communities. This year, we have taken the challenge to better not only ourselves, but the Earth itself as well. Believe it or not, wearing Blue Planet sunglasses made from sustainable and reclaimed materials is not the ONLY way you’re able to contribute to the well-being of our planet; we would like to share with you our list of top 5 ways you can join us on our mission to make a positive impact on the environment, your budget, and your health!





  1. Recycle:

We’ll start with one that is hard to forget. Doing something as simple as recycling can help reduce the amount of landfills, greenhouse emissions and conserve energy. Furthermore, a study completed by the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that recycling 1 ton of paper is equal to saving 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water. Things such as newspaper, broken down cardboard boxes and aluminum foil can all be recycled! For a more complete list of items that can be recycled, check out this link:


Other reference:





  1. Drive Less:

This one is for those of you who have a car that runs on gasoline. Instead of using your car as your sole method of transportation, use public transportation (bus, train etc.) when possible. Other transportation options could include riding your bicycle, carpooling, and walking. When choosing your next car, you might also consider a hybrid or electric powered vehicle, both of which would reduce pollution by an astonishing amount. In conclusion, by driving less, you are not only minimizing pollution, but also saving gas, and therefore saving money!




  1. Save Water:

Simple things such as turning off the water when brushing your teeth or taking shorter showers are great ways to conserve our planet’s already small water resource, and also a good way to save you on your water bill. Currently, the drought in California is one of the worst in history, making this a critical point if you are a resident, but also an important point in general.




  1. Go Bag-Less:

Next time you’re out grocery shopping, refrain from using the plastic bags that employees offer at the checkout stand. This is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of plastic that is emitted into the environment. In fact, many cities have already outlawed the use of plastic bags in stores, which has helped tremendously in minimizing pollution levels. If your load of items is too many to be carried by hand after you check out, investing in a canvas bag that can be reused each time you need to return to the store is an amazing investment.





  1. Volunteer:

Volunteering to pick up trash around town may seem like a small (and perhaps tedious) thing to do, but surprisingly, there is a reason why this made the #1 spot on the list. By helping to rid your sidewalks of garbage, you are making a positive difference in your community by preventing diseases caused by bacteria forming on food packaging, reducing litter related deaths in animals, saving money on taxes (yes, part of your tax money goes to cleaning the litter), and the most immediate result which is keeping your town looking nice. Visit your city’s website for more information on how you can volunteer for your community.

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