Rich Mallari Brand Amabassador Bio

1. What do you like about Blue Planet Eyewear?
I love the corporate social responsibility of the company. That
is aside from, the sustainable and ecofriendly
materials used
for making the eyewear.
2. How do you live the #TheBluePlanetLife?
I start in my own home:
Reduce Consumption/
buying of unnecessary clutter.
Reuse I
make sure that I the nonperishable
that I buy can be used over and over again.
Also when we’re hiking, I make sure we just leave
footprints and take pictures. We clean as we go.
3. What is your passion?
Believe it or not, I love being a homemaker. Going outdoors and
exploring, balances my life in general.

4. How do you #VisualizeChange?
Initiate change with one’s self.. By leading in good example,
everybody follows. Be an inspiration to one another.
5. What is a random fun fact about yourself?
I was Prom Queen during our Junior Senior Prom. I never thought
I would be one.
6. What are your social networks so people can learn
more about you?

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