Spreading good vibes

Spreading good vibes with Allysa Bassir

  1. What you like about Blue Planet Eyewear?

Well what's not to like? There is nothing better than doing good. Blue Planet Eyewear does good in every aspect. It is incredibly important to live a life that respects our planet and the people that inhabit it. Blue Planet does both. And they look good while doing it.

  1. How do you live the #TheBluePlanetLife?

I believe life should be lived boldly and selflessly for others. I strive to live for something bigger than myself everyday, through my words and my actions. I value our planet, it's oceans, it's forests, it's animals and most importantly it's people. Living the Blue Planet Life is about respecting life and enjoying it.

  1. What’s your passion?

There is a lot of things I love to do but if I had to choose something I am passionate about it would be, justice. A passion is something you would give your life for and I would give my life everyday to see justice prevail in this world. To see hungry children fed, to see equality among all humans, to see the captives set free, to see light shown brightly on all the darkness that inhabits the world... Justice is my passion.

  1. How do you #VisualizeChange?

If we are going to visualize change we must be the change. If I see something I believe should change than I do whatever I have to to change it. When I was younger I hated seeing people hungry or in pain and had a huge desire to help not only in my community but all over the world. I did whatever I could do be a part of the change in America and then decided to step out of my comfort zone and go to Africa. I dropped out of school at 17 and went to Swaziland to help serve at a home for abandoned babies. After that I was stuck, I loved it. In the past 5 years I have raised financial support to travel all over the world educating on human trafficking, sharing about the value of human life and working with young girls who have been exploited. I am currently living in Ethiopia, I'm starting a non profit called The Breakfast Club. Every morning 30 severely impoverished kids come for breakfast, we live life together, and I try to inspire them to dream, to visualize change, to be the change.

  1. What is a random fun fact about yourself?

Practically every person I know calls me Bones. Most people don't even know my real name. Haha

  1. What are your social networks so people can learn more about you?

Instagram - @lifeofbones

Facebook - Allysa Bones Bassir

Blog -  allybassir.blogspot.com

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