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Surfer Noémie Quéré Interview

March 16, 2016

Surfer Noémie Quéré Interview

Noémie Quéré Interview



  1. What you like about Blue Planet Eyewear?


As a surfer and lives in front of the ocean, it makes me sad to see the number of animals that die because of ocean pollution. For me Blue Planet eyewear is a brand with very good products, i love above all the fact that the glasses are made from recycled materials but also natural materials


  1. How do you live the #TheBluePlanetLife?


I love surfing in all conditions  rain, too much wind or the waves are huge because after I feel proud to have surf big waves, and I hope I can inspire others to have this lifestyle and to surpass yourself.

For me the blue planet life is above all the respect for nature but also make the most of time with my friends and family in the sea and in nature.


  1. What’s your passion?


I practice surfing for 8 years in competition, I live in front of the sea and for me the ocean is essential, but it is also a fragile and very dangerous which is why it must be protected from pollution. I also like running, swimming and have a healthy lifestyle.


  1. How do you #VisualizeChange?


In my home spot,  there are events to collect waste edges of beaches, and unfortunately there is always so much garbage


  1. What is a random fun fact about yourself?


The most incredible moment for me was surfing with hundreds of pineapple around me after a boat has lost its cargo off my home spot. They were around for a week!


  1. What are your social networks so people can learn more about you?


Instagram :




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