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Srping Break style report

March 08, 2016

Srping Break style report

With Spring Break quickly approaching, it's time to get serious...about Eyewear! With so many amazing styles to pick from we decided to feature a few of our faves.

Visit our website to see our full collection.


Clarita: These beautiful roundie frames with coco stained bamboo temples and polarized lenses are flying off our “e-shelves”.  Whether you are enjoying a hot sunny day at the beach or cocktails with friends this silhouette is a must have.

*also available with natural bamboo temples*


Cork: There is just one word to describe this unisex classic style…RAD!  We have combined cork + bamboo for a modern twist on a classic shape. We have 6 different styles to choose from including a denim + cork + bamboo, rasta frost colors + cork + bamboo. Check these out before they are gone.

Warning: Only get these if you want people to notice you!

*All styles in our Cork collection have polarized lenses*


Amador: Anyone would be proud to wear this classic aviator shape that features sustainable beech wood temples and polarized lenses. A style that is perfect for hanging at the beach or hitting up the city. When you need a shape you can use for any occasion, Amador should be your #1 choice. 

*All styles in our Amador collection have polarized lenses*


Hayward Readers: Experience life magnified with our fashionable bamboo readers. Hayward is a unisex shape perfect for a day lounging at the beach reading your kindle or reading a menu at a romantic candle lit dinner. Just be prepared to read the menu to your guest or share your beloved new readers with the entire party at your table!

*Powers Range: 1.25-3.00*


Thanks for reading this weeks BP Style Report! Remeber for every pair sold, we will help restore sight to a person in need. Check out our Visualize Change Page to learn How.

Follow us on Instagram @blueplaneteyewear to see new styles, trends and how we live the #theblueplanetlife :)

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