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Kid’s Sunglasses

Kid’s Sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses for your kids, it’s important to get it right. The wrong size or style can make children feel self-conscious, while the right pair of sunglasses can help them to feel cool and confident, while also providing the valuable protection from the sun that their young eyes need.

Blue Planet Eyewear’s distinctive collection of children’s sunglasses offers a variety of styles to suit any child. Our stylish and eco-friendly kids’ range includes sunglasses crafted from all-natural wood and bamboo, along with repurposed metals and plastics. Our sunglasses offer vital UVA and UVB protection, and some styles are available with anti-glare lens filters for extra comfort.

Our kids’ sunglasses range features a variety of frame shapes and styles, and each design also comes in a range of colors to truly personalize your kid’s look. With some of our styles featuring colored lens tints including blue, green, red, pink, silver and gold, there’s a cool style to suit everyone.

Blue Planet Eyewear’s range of children’s sunglasses is crafted from ecologically friendly and sustainable materials. We believe passionately in looking after our planet and the people on it, which is why we also launched our groundbreaking Visualize Change program. With Visualize Change, every pair of eyeglasses we sell is matched by donating a second pair to a man, woman or child suffering from visual impairment somewhere in the world.

Working alongside prominent global humanitarian organizations such as SEE International, Direct Relief, Feed the Children and the Best Day Foundation, the Visualize Change program is our way of giving something back to the global community, by giving the gift of sight to those in need. To date, our fantastic customers have helped us to donate over 500,000 pairs of eyeglasses to adults and children here in the US and around the globe.